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Thank you for your interest in joining us at Rochdale Borough Council.

We are a vibrant borough in Greater Manchester at the foothills of the South Pennines. It’s a great place to live, work and socialise with fantastic commuter links, served well by public transport and easily commutable from lots of nearby places across Greater Manchester and Yorkshire.

As well as being the birthplace of the global Cooperative movement, Rochdale is a proud and pioneering borough which played an important part in the Industrial Revolution.

Today, we are forging a new revolution with an exciting future for our residents.

As a children’s service, we have built great strengths on our improvement journey over the last 5 years and we’re ambitious to achieve more. However, unfortunately for us, our long serving assistant director is retiring. We have very strong relationships with our schools and academies and are proud of the progress we have made so far. We have much more to do as we continue to develop innovative high quality early help services for families and children and work together to provide the best possible education opportunities and outcomes for our children. Our terrific staff have put in a lot of hard work in so that we’ve made great progress and now we are recognised as making a positive difference to children and families. Our Family Service Model has been built on strong partnerships across the borough, working across localities to make a real impact. Our relationships manifesto demonstrates our pioneering culture in putting relationships at the heart of everything we do and we have numerous examples of how we have improved outcomes through innovative approaches and high quality practice.

Moving forward, we need to ensure our early help and safeguarding hub continues to sustain and enhance the principles of our family service model as well as further developing the SEND strategy, which involves the development of a 0 – 25 service with our adult partners and parents. School readiness is a majority priority for us and across Greater Manchester. We are proud of our work in this and we continue to deliver innovative, new opportunities for families. Across Greater Manchester we have seen the highest rise in the national measure of school readiness and child development. A major challenge is how we deliver success with our schools and colleges, through our school improvement strategy to improve pupil achievement at all key stages. Despite the very strong relationships with and between schools, we have not yet achieved the educational success across the borough that we aspire to for our children. That will be a key challenge for the successful candidate, who will be widely supported in this work.

It’s also an exciting time to be joining our borough as we play our part in a major contribution to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework; a game-changing opportunity that will create an additional 12,000 new homes, 20,000 new jobs and more than 1million square metres of new employment space alongside our own substantial town centre redevelopment. All of this is strengthened by having Dippy the Dinosaur with us from the Natural History Museum, as the only non-museum on his UK tour. It is a real shame that the public can’t see him just now. A measure of this great exhibition was that in the first 5 weeks, before lockdown due to COVID 19, Dippy had 115,00 visitors. Another real testament to our growing success.

I hope I have whetted your appetite to look more closely at these great opportunities to work with us. Thank you for your interest. I look forward to meeting you.

Gail Hopper
Director of Children’s Services

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